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Technical Theater for Performing Arts Teachers Summer Institute

Specially designed for K-12 teachers of music, theater, dance, art, PAC managers, parents, and others who find themselves needing to design, supervise, or teach technical theater skills. Others who may benefit include those who use technical theater skills for live events, houses of worship, community theaters, technical theater professionals, and college students. All material is presented online, asynchronously, with optional in-person opportunities as may be identified.

Summer 2023 classes @ UW Madison will be:
Theater Safety,
and Managing the School Theater.

Masters program approval in process... More info soon!

Summer 2022’s offerings were: Class 619 (LEC 001) Scenic Construction & Painting; and (LEC 002) Rigging

Scenic Construction & Painting - covers terms, standards, codes, color theory, equipment, assembly techniques, tool usage, and safety procedures for building and painting common scenic elements

Rigging - covers terms, standards, codes, knots, equipment, techniques, and safety procedures for a variety of common rigging needs including counterweight line set operation and maintenance.

Summer term runs from June 20 to Aug 14, 2022. Tuition will depend on the number of credits selected and your residency status. A list of recommended books and materials will be sent upon enrollment ($100 or so). Participants will need access to a camera suitable to record short videos demonstrating their skills.

Sumer 2021's offerings were Class 619


First, establish “Special Student Status” - great info here: https://acsss.wisc.edu/returning-adults/
Complete the free applicaton here (takes 20 minutes or so): https://acsss.wisc.edu/apply/

You’ll most likely be “UNDS” University Special Non-degree Student

Tuiton rates can be found here: https://bursar.wisc.edu/tuition-and-fees/tuition-rates

Classes are available for 1,2 or 3 credits.

1 credit is similar to audit - you get to see/read everything but no assignments/assessments are due

2 credits includes assignments/assessments and individualized feedback

3 credits includes an additional independent actvity that is determined between the student and professor. In the past these have included design, research, aritstic creation, and similar activites.

Questions? Email the instructor at rossclausen at wisc dot edu.

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